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Connect with God and Tell the Story

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by Faith+Lead | May 18, 2021

Faith+Lead’s Faithful Innovation Framework includes 5 core tasks. This week we are highlighting these tasks.

The first two elements of the Faithful Innovation Framework are Connect with God and Tell The Story

Framework #1 Connect with God

Develop a Christ-centered identity, grounded in theology, scripture, and spiritual practice, that empowers community members to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in everyday life.

In this video, hear multiple leaders discuss how they connect with God on a regular basis.

Your spiritual practices may be rooted in ancient tradition and responding to current realities. Reflect:

  • Which of the leaders in this short video do you resonate with most? 
  • What would you say if you were to be interviewed about how you most often “Connect With God”? 

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Framework #2 Tell the Story

Tell the story of Jesus and invite others into Jesus’ way of life and love in words your neighbors can recognize.

In this video, engage with the ways we recognize that we are already inside God’s on-going story: 


  • How have telling faith stories stimulated “missional imagination” in your context?   
  • If you were to create a neighborhood bingo card, what might it include?

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