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When You Add Coaching to Your Faithful Innovation Online Community Registration

Dear online community participant,

Welcome to your journey into faithful innovation!

You probably never expected to be here.

If you went to seminary, you studied theology, Bible, pastoral care, and preaching—with curriculum that was designed for a church and world that no longer exists.

That's not to say your theological education wasn't high quality...simply that it wasn't created to adapt to the way the world is now.

How can I say that with such confidence?

Because as Christ-followers, we dream of being part of a Gospel movement that not only transforms people's lives but the world around us.

Yet, the world over, ministries are is attendance is in decline.

People who were once in the pews are now engaging in more and more time-consuming activities, creating overloaded schedules, and leaving all of us increasingly frustrated with the demands of contemporary culture.

An Invitation to Go Deeper

That's why I'd like to invite you into a deeper relationship over these next nine months.

You see, faithful innovation is a practice more than a new program or ministry...

A way of being church that transforms congregational culture and draws your entire Christian community more deeply into God's life and love for the world.

And in my experience, it's the sort of transformation that happens best when you've got fellow travelers walking alongside you.

When you're trying to affect lasting, heart-level change in your congregation, it helps to be in community with ministry peers who are distant from your day-to-day ministry, yet committed to asking the same kinds of questions you are.

Our Faith+Lead team has seen incredible success when smaller groups of ministry colleagues from a variety of contexts come together to tackle a particular question or challenge—accompanied by experienced coach who can help you see your leadership in a new way, ask deeper questions, and help hold you accountable.

Each clergy coaching call will address the need for pastoral leadership that fosters and encourages faithful innovation.

Every month there will be a leadership topic covered specifically for pastors leading faithful innovation, as well as time for you to connect with ministry peers about leading innovation in your congregations.

We'd love for you to join us!

Peace and grace,

alicia granholm signature

The Coaching Process

The Learning Community Process

STEP 1: Join a Small Coaching Cohort to Accompany You on Your Journey

While the larger course will have up to 100 participants, your small coaching cohort will be limited to just 10 people—leaders who will become your spiritual family as you journey together over the next nine months.


STEP 2: Participate in an Additional Monthly Coaching Call with Your Cohort from September 2020-March 2021

Each month, join with your cohort and coach Alicia Granholm via Zoom for deep engagement with your faithful innovation process. This is in addition to the monthly call you already get in the larger learning community.

STEP 3: Listen, Act, Share Together

This is your chance to get much more in-depth and personalized feedback on your "listen, act, share" practices—and learn from the experiments and experiences of others. Bring your wins, your heartaches, and your questions to a safe, supportive space to accelerate your learning.


What You'll Come Away With

  • Hands-On, Intensive Guidance through Your Congregation's Journey

    Faithful innovation comes with growing pains. With coaching, you'll have a more supported way through it.

  • More Confidence and Capacity to Lead Your People into Faithful Innovation

    The next time you need to tackle a major adaptive leadership project or challenge, you'll know how to do it--because you've done it once, with hands-on support.

  • Connections and a Community You Can Rely On

    Both innovation and ministry can be lonely. Coaching participants say that one of the most valuable aspects of participation is being connected into a cohort you can rely on both now and in the future.


Add Coaching to Your Faithful Innovation Online Community Registration

Use the buttons below to join a coaching cohort. The prices indicated are in addition to your Faithful Innovation Online Community registration. 

  • Hands-on attention from your experienced coach

  • Monthly group video calls with your coach and cohort from September 2020-March 2021

  • Lasting relationships with your faithful innovation small group cohort

$600 one time($1,000 with the online course)
9 payments of $67 each($115/month with the online course)