Clergy Coaches is Now Part of Faith+Lead

Find a conversation partner who can hold sacred space, listen well, and reflect back to you your own wisdom. Experience the life-changing gift of coaching—and discover a path toward deepened self-knowledge and awareness of God's movement in your personal and vocational life.

Thought Partners for Ministry Leaders

Ministry is a complex and demanding vocation. It helps to have a thought partner who can work with you in a spirit of mutual respect and trust. Coaching provides you:

  • A careful conversation partner who can draw out your own insights and experience through deep listening and thought-provoking questions;
  • Practices for identifying your goals and working with internal and external barriers;
  • Support in maintaining health and good boundaries;
  • Guidance in honing your gifts and skills;
  • Wisdom as you navigate the challenges and benefits of your community and context; and
  • Accountability to your goals and plans.

Healthy and vital ministry is led by healthy and vital leaders. Be intentional about self-care and professional growth so that you can become the faithful and effective leader you're called to be.


Who We Are

Faith+Lead coaches are dedicated to providing personalized coaching focused on self-care, leadership, and breakthrough practices in order to help faith communities, their leaders, and those preparing for Christian leadership.

Clergy Coaches was developed in 2000 through a partnership between Fairview Health Services and Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS) in collaboration with Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Synods in and near the Twin Cities.  The Rev. Dr. John Martinson served as its director until 2020 when it became a part of Faith+Lead at Luther Seminary.

Faith+Lead recognizes that in this rapidly changing environment, many ministry leaders lack the support they need. We're committed to developing coaching as a resource for ministry leaders of all types.

What Is Clergy Coaching?

Coaching is a dynamic one-on-one relationship grounded in respectful and careful listening. The coach is a thought partner, exploring challenges and possibilities and asking thought-provoking questions while trusting the experiences and expertise of the client. 

Coaching for Vocational Growth

Coaching has a long history, rooted in high-performance fields such as athletics and arts. Today, many professionals, including business, non-profit, and government leaders, work with a coach. Ministry leaders haven't always had the same support—until now.

Coaching for Ministry Leaders

If you're looking for ways to care for your relationships, tend to your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, and deepen your effectiveness in ministry, you might find value in working with a coach who understands the unique challenges of Christian leadership. 


"The most helpful aspect was having someone listen and understand the challenges I am facing and offering insights and asking questions out of their experience. I had my goals and strategies challenged, validated, and clarified."

-Pastor Kent Claussen Gubrud

Why Coaching?
Get Clear

Coaching will help you clarify challenges, develop leadership effectiveness, and set personal and professional goals.

Find Support

Get support and accountability as you make progress on your goals. While coaching is not therapy or spiritual direction, you'll learn to mine your own agenda and wisdom as you grow.

Make Meaning

Coaching is a time set apart, allowing you space to reconnect to your deepest values and vision for life and ministry in a trusted, confidential relationship.

Meet the Coaches

Rev. John Martinson

Rev. Mark E. Becker

Rev. Philip Formo

Rev. Dawn Alitz, Ph.D., ACC

Patty Lee

Rev. Karna Marks

Rev. Susan Miller

Rev. Jenn Nagle

Rev. Kathie Nycklemoe

Rev. Tom Olson

Rev. Larry Strenge

Request Information

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Please note that we have received an increased amount of engagement for our program and are so excited to be able to support so many leaders in their ministry. We are adding people to a waitlist and will reach out with further details on timing for the program after you complete this form.