Spanish for Ministry

June 15-19, 2020 | Live Online


This class is a full Spanish immersion experience that will take place through live Zoom sessions and online student meetings. It is designed both for students who are preparing for ministry and for lay or ordained leaders who are currently doing ministry.

Participants will be asked to contribute to an environment where it will be safe to speak without fear of making mistakes and where the participants with more fluency in the Spanish language will be patient with, and supportive of, the less fluent classmates.

Each day will be organized around a theme. The theme will be explored through readings, conversation, biblical studies, ministerial practices, films, theological pieces, and other interactive experiences.

For more information and a link to the placement exam, view the syllabus .

An ideal course for

  • Intermediate Spanish learners

    who want to gain theological and ministerial competency in this language

  • Spanish speakers

    who also want to gain theological and ministerial competency in this language

  • Those ministering in Spanish

    who want to reflect systematically, share their experiences and engage with the questions and challenges of the other participants in the class

Hone ministry skills through:

  • Conversational practice

  • Cultural and musical activities

  • Participation in Spanish-speaking communities

  • Readings and assignments

Learning outcomes

Students will gain fluency in conversational Spanish for pastoral care.

Students will achieve competency in Spanish for basic preaching, biblical studies and liturgical leadership.

Students will develop theological vocabulary in Spanish that enables them to converse among other theologians and leaders at the collegiate level.

Students will be able to read theological, biblical and popular texts at an intermediate level and beyond.

 Students will be able to give a substantiated answer to the question about whether ministry in Spanish is pertinent.

Tracing God’s Movement in Our Lives and Neighborhoods

Learn by Doing: Using Action Learning to Discover God’s Leading

Sharing Our Learning: Intentional Reflections on Our Actions

  • 10

    Maximum enrollment

  • $450

    Tuition (covers cost of auditing course)

  • 40

    Contact Hours

  • Class times

    8am – 5 pm

  • Instructors

    Rev. Melissa Melnick
    Rev. Andrés Albertsen, Ph.D. candidate