Cross+Generational Worship Planning

NOVEMBER 4, 2019


By nature, worship is cross-generational. In a cultural context where there are generational disconnects between members of your congregation, how can you plan worship services that are engaging and life-giving for everyone?

In this powerful one-day workshop, join Pastors Heather Roth Johnson and Jen Rome as you explore the "why's" and "how's" of cross-generational worship. 

Come away with creative ideas to get people sharing with one another across generational divides, strategies to make your church's tradition come alive for younger generations, and a plan for an Edu-worship Baptism of Our Lord Sunday (Jan. 12, 2020) that your entire congregation will remember.

Learning Objectives:

  • What Works and Why?

    Go deep with a core understanding of what makes cross-generational ministry meaningful.

  • What to Do with the Kids and Youth?

    Learn how to include children and youth in worship in fresh and meaningful ways.

  • Creative Ideas Your Congregation Will Love

    Explore creative storytelling, children’s sermons, liturgical art, and interactive sermons.

  • Put It All Into Practice

    Leave with a complete plan for Baptism of Our Lord Sunday (Jan. 12, 2020).

Registration is limited to a maximum of 25 participants.

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  • 25

    Maximum enrollment

  • $40


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    Contact Hours

  • Class times

    Monday, November 4, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

  • Seminar Leaders

    Pastors Heather Roth Johnson and Jen Rome