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March 2020
April 2020
June 2020

School For Lay Ministry

Luther Seminary’s School for Lay Ministry is open to all people interested in training to more fully serve in a variety of ministry roles in their faith communities. ...
29 Jun - 01 Jul
12:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Twin Cities, MN
August 2020

Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising

The Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising (ECRF), a four-day intensive program with a practical application project, provides the research, tools and customized training to meet the growing needs of leaders in religious communities and fundraisers of faith-based organizations. ...
03 Aug - 06 Aug
Twin Cities, MN

Stepping Up to Supervision

Are you stepping into unfamiliar territory where you must supervise others, or have you been supervising others for some time without a clear understanding of what you are doing? Supervision, especially in a faith-based environment, requires learning new skills—probably skills you did not learn during your professional formation. This event provides you with practical skills and tools for supervising the work of others and aligning the work of the team with the overall goals of the congregation. ...
24 Aug - 25 Aug
Twin Cities, MN

How to Lead When You Don’t Know Where You’re Going

How do you lead an organization stuck between an ending and a new beginning—when the old way of doing things no longer works but a way forward is not yet clear? Such in-between times are called liminal seasons—threshold times when the continuity of tradition disintegrates and uncertainty about the future fuels doubt and chaos. In a liminal season it simply is not helpful to pretend we understand what needs to happen next. But leaders can still lead. ...
27 Aug - 28 Aug
Twin Cities, MN
September 2020

Intentional Interim Ministry

The LuTMA (formerly NALIP) Basic Education curriculum is designed for clergy and lay professionals to introduce participants to the practice of intentional interim ministry. Although focusing on Lutheran theology and polity, the event is open to all lay leaders and clergy desiring or called to this special ministry in congregations during a pastoral transition. ...
14 Sep - 18 Sep
Twin Cities, MN
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