A free tool for making mission-driven decisions every time

Make Sure the Values You Share Align With Every Decision You Make

The choices we make in our congregations—from routine building maintenance to how an unexpected gift should be allocated—are opportunities to ask an important question: does this decision bring us closer to what we claim to value? If you’re looking for clarity, a way to share how a decision was reached, or the assurance of due diligence, this will help.

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This resource includes

  • An easy-to-follow decision tree to help you, your church council, or leadership team, discern the way forward
  • A tested method for getting past the noise and distractions that tend to confuse the decision-making process
  • Stages and questions that help you gauge urgency, the availability of resources, and alignment with your core values
  • An effective way of communicating your decision-making process to congregation members or stakeholders
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Even great ideas aren’t always the best decision

...and that can be hard for a lot of us. We like to encourage anything that looks like growth—whether it’s a new program or a plan to replace outdated fixtures—especially when there’s an eager volunteer or a passionate staff member sitting on the other side of your desk.

That’s why this tool—developed by CPA and Church Administrator Janice Ziemba—is so valuable. It allows you the space to reflect honestly, to re-tool ideas and projects objectively, and to unify your faith community around the values you all share.

Before you make that next big decision, do yourself and your congregation a favor.