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Through mutual relationships with the neighbors among whom they're hosted, Christian communities need to join in acts of compassion, justice, and reconciliation as a witness to the ministry of Jesus—particularly in places of suffering and despair.


The world is changing. 

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Aug. 14, 2013

Bringing Justice into the Light

A blog post by Jesse Weiss  Recently, a group of young adults that are serving as camp staff this summer got into a fairly deep conversation about salvation and the question of God’s justice. Their conversation was good, but it was grounded more in cliché answers than in theological understandings. As we further explored the issue of a just God,
Jul. 31, 2013

Cultivating a culture of service

A blog post by Tim Bowman Last week, I wrote about the different service project ideas that my middle school students came up with. Today, I want to use that experience to spark a new conversation. In varying situations, churches have avoided, wrestled with, rejected, and/or embraced our modern culture and contexts. We live in the modern world, and culture
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Apr. 25, 2013

Love God, Help Others, Jesus Loves You, repeat

By Julie Hagen I am 29 weeks into my Church School calendar (only 4 more weeks but who is counting) and have a rotation of  the above themes over and over and over again. Please know I’m NOT sick of teaching kids to help others.  That will never get old!  I think we can dig deeper. In all of our
Apr. 24, 2013

Resources on Reclaiming the Servant’s Heart for Mission

Want to dig deeper in the First Third conversation on mission? Webinar: Inculturating the Gospel; Dr. Colleen Windham Hughes   A webinar from the Practice Discipleship Initiative by Dr. Colleen Windham Hughes, or California Lutheran University.   Serving with Eyes Wide Open: Doing Short-Term Missions with Cultural Intelligence by David A. Livermore (Apr 1, 2006) Serving with Eyes Wide Open
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Apr. 16, 2013

Resources on Reclaiming the Servant’s Heart for Mission

Want to dig deeper in the First Third conversation on mission? Here are two books on mission experiences:   Mission Trips that Matter: Embodied Faith for the Sake of the World by Don C. Richter, Upper Room Books, 2008. Missions Trips That Matter offers ways for leaders of short-term mission trips and service projects (sometimes called “servant trips”) to mine
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Mar. 25, 2013

Why serve?

By Dr. Terri Martinson Elton, Director of the Center for First Third Ministry at Luther Seminary Today we leave the celebratory experience of Palm Sunday and head straight into Holy Week. As we continue reflecting on the theme “Reclaiming the Servant’s Heart,” I want to pause a moment and change our focus from the doing aspect of mission and dwell
Mar. 14, 2013

Resources on Reclaiming the Servant’s Heart for Mission

Want to dig deeper in the First Third conversation on mission? Here are three articles on mission experiences for different audiences: Terence D. Linhart, “Planting Seeds: The Curricular Hope of Short-term Mission Experiences in Youth Ministry,” Christian Education Journal (Series 3, Vol 2 no 2, 2005), 256-272. This paper describes the curricular nature of short-term mission trips as experiential, often
Mar. 05, 2013

Tourists or Missionaries?

By Andrew Root Tourists or Missionaries? Theological Questions You Need to Answer Before Your Group’s Next Mission Trip March/April 2013 | YouthWorker Journal Check out Andy speaking at the First Third Dialogue Webinar on The Mission Trip as Global Tourism this March!
Aug. 16, 2012

What is hospitality in a multicultural church?

  Recent doctoral graduate, Harvey Kwiyani, talks about his dissertation research which involved working with three multicultural congregations in the Twin Cities area.
Mar. 24, 2012

Remembering Trayvon Martin

How do we, in the missional church movement, deal with the pain we feel as we listen to the discussion following the shooting of Trayvon Martin?  I fear that silence here could be misinterpreted. I think that those of us who carry white skin privilege can not remain silent. Silence is complicity, as the bumper sticker says. Racism killed Trayvon Martin.