Leaders and congregations need to know how to start, tend, and manage new and entrepreneurial models of structuring and funding ministry.

Church Building

A Better Story: Leveraging Real Estate for Mission & Money

A church's story about redevelopment sets the tone for financial sustainability
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The world is changing. 

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black and white image of a closeup of woman from shoulders up. she is in profile to the right and holding a microphone up to her smiling mouth

How to Keep Listeners Engaged from Start to Finish

Learn how to develop the skills needed for the demands of preaching. ...
Closeup of a man's face with the left side of his face in shadow and right in full light

How to Preach Relevant Sermons (hint: relevance is not what you think)

Learn how to preach to your listeners in an authentic and meaningful way. ...
Tending the Soul of the Institution

Tending the Soul of the Institution

A dualistic way of thinking about leadership is limiting. Learn to tend to the soul of an institution as a transformative way forward. ...
Four people are sitting around a table with one man at the head of the table who is not facing the camera.

10 Metrics Instead of Butts and Bucks

Many of the metrics we use to define success in our congregations were made for another time and context. Track these 10 instead of butts and bucks. ...
church congregation at worship

New Research on the Economic Practices of Congregations

A new Study on Congregations' Economic Practices is being called "the largest and most comprehensive nationally representative study on money and congregations in over a generation."  ...
country church under the stars

Will the ELCA be Gone in 30 Years?

New projections forecast just 16,000 in worship across the entire ELCA by 2041. Why is this happening and what can be done? ...
congregation prayer service

Economic Challenges Facing Pastoral Leaders

For the last decade, The Lilly Endowment has been offering grants to ...
dollar bill pie chart

Personal Finance and the Church (Part 2)

Many of us may have been convinced by Pastor Greg Meyer’s convictions ...
Personal Finance and the Church (Part 1)

Personal Finance and the Church (Part 1)

In the church, we have long assumed that personal finance is a ...
giving hands

Defining the ‘Faith’ in Faith-Based Organizations

In his new book, God’s Internationalists: World Vision and the Age of ...
flamingoes migrating over mountain

A New Digital Home for Stewardship

In case you missed it, in the previous post, Adam Copeland shared ...
hourglass on the ground

Being Good Stewards of Time

Adam Walker Cleaveland on the stewardship of summertime ...
range of rugged, green mountains

The Range of Changes

Stewardship guru Keith Mundy reflects on some shifts he’s seen in recent years and what they mean for our ministry leadership ...
empty bird's nest

An Empty Offering Plate

Laura Wilhelm describes how her congregation’s context developed a local practice of having practically empty offering plates ...
Keep it Simple

Keep it Simple

Beyond faith communities, the second most popular place for charitable giving is ...
Giving Alone

Giving Alone

Many assumptions accompany the way we do church. Some of these theological ...
Winner-Takes-All? Gaming Church Structures

Winner-Takes-All? Gaming Church Structures

While we seek another way, the mindset of our culture is obsessed ...
Unwrapping the Annual Campaign

Unwrapping the Annual Campaign

The annual stewardship appeal ripples through many congregations in the fall, but ...
No More Junk Mail

No More Junk Mail

Stewardship ministry is about big, conceptual, theological challenges. And, it’s also be ...
Together For Good

Together For Good

As we tumble into the Easter season, we remember stories about how ...

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