Through mutual relationships with the neighbors among whom they're hosted, Christian communities need to join in acts of compassion, justice, and reconciliation as a witness to the ministry of Jesus—particularly in places of suffering and despair.


Moving Toward a Creation-Care Theology in Congregations

Five steps that any congregation can take toward creation care
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The world is changing. 

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The Spirit Speaks in Verse: Poetry as a Blessing to Ministry

The experience of poetry can transform ministry

Who We Are Matters to Our Ministry

Identity matters for the pastor and each person in church
friends talking

Deepen Humility and Compassion with the IDI

Develop practices that are cross-culturally responsive
mic at protest

What Does This Have to Do with Me?: God’s Call to Persist in Our Anti-Racism Work

White Christians have many options to become anti-racist
Friends on balcony

The Practice of Unfreezing

Break the ice with embodied conversations about race.
man with corn

Food As The Front Door: Father Divine, The Peace Mission Movement & Radical Ministry For Our Time

Black churches, farmers, and business owners work for food justice.
hands holding book

What I’m Reading Now: The Color of Compromise

A historian and theologian writes on the American church and racism
Couplehood in the Time of Pandemic

Couplehood in the Time of Pandemic

There are options to faithfully navigate relationships.

Preaching about Racism in America: What Comes Next?

We can persist in preaching for transformation.
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The Stewardship of White Privilege in the Aftermath of George Floyd’s Death

A commitment to change includes examining stewardship practices.

Juneteenth 2020: Once You See

Jesus healing the blind man of Bethsaida speaks to our present moment.
two people podcasting

Listen to Black Theologians: 5 Theology Podcasts

Discover and learn from these theologians.
teenager on basketball court

What I’m Reading Now: Talking Race with Youth

Engage youth using this resource.
open door

Diversity Versus Tokenism: Becoming an Anti-Racist Church

Identify and move beyond tokenism.
three women praying

ELCA Prayer Service for Commemoration of the Emanuel Nine

Commemorate the Emmanuel Nine in prayer today.
red light

The Spirituality of Being Wrong

How being wrong can be a practice of faith and connection
man talking to group

How Active Bystander Training Changes Our Witness

Congregations can show up in their communities with this training
candles church floor

Pentecostal Protest

Amid barriers, imagine a nation unified by the Spirit
writing a list

What I’m Referencing Now: Scaffolding Anti-Racism Resources

Learn about this list of anti-racism resources
Putting Feet to our Faith

Putting Feet to our Faith

Practical steps to steward the work of racial justice

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