Leaders and congregations need a theological purpose that frees them to renegotiate established cultural norms through experimentation and spiritual practices.

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Who Is God Sending Your Way? Collegiality Is Crucial to Adaptation

God with grace and abundance connects us to one another
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The world is changing. 

Stay up to date on the latest research, resources, and reflections exploring how to cultivate Christian faith in the 21st century. 


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Should I Participate in the Online Faithful Innovation Learning Community Training?

Meeting people where they are means doing new things.
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Congregation Spotlight: Learning to Listen

A community that has deepened relationships through innovation.
Faithful Adaptation: Stay Signed On

Faithful Adaptation: Stay Signed On

A video and podcast about what's next for online church.
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5 Practices to Encourage Congregations in Faithful Innovation

Ancient spiritual practices meet cutting-edge innovation.
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Wedding Bells Are Still Ringing: The Creativity of Pandemic Weddings

A clear and creative guide for every step of the wedding process.
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Faithful Adaptation: Discipleship and Evangelism in a Virtual World

A free webinar presentation and podcast
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Doing Ministry with Digital Marketing: From Clicks to Caring

Let ministry inform how you do digital marketing.
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Singing Together, While Apart

There are many options to continue singing safely.
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Simultaneously Online and Offline: Church as Hybrid Experience

Church leaders can bring online and offline community together.
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Three Commitments for the Digital Age Church

Churches can meet the need for online and in-person ministry.
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Your church website was once a billboard. It is now your sanctuary.

The purpose of the church website has shifted.
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Unexpected Offering: Stories in Times of Trial

Be inspired by how communities are connecting in new ways.
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Doctrine of Discovery: A Lens for Scarcity and Abundance

Grappling with scarcity and abundance, churches in the US must also consider the origin of their theologies.
Innovating Through Crisis

Innovating Through Crisis

In this time of crisis, we have the opportunity to keep innovating faithfully.
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How to Get Up to Speed with Online Giving Quickly

Get the process of online giving in motion today.
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Faithful Adaptation: Holy Week

View this webinar to get insights and ideas for worship during Holy Week in these extraordinary times.
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What I’m Reading: Journeying in the Wilderness with Dr. Terri Elton

A podcast interview between Terri Elton and Michael Chan about responding to the current COVID-19 crisis.
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Faithful Adaptation: Connecting Your People

Twice a week, for the next several weeks, Faith+Lead will host webinars where you can connect with ministry peers to discuss your needs, your challenges, your learnings--and most importantly, where God is showing up in the midst of this very real disruption.
The Power of the 'Don't Know' Mindset

The Power of the ‘Don’t Know’ Mindset

Find out why MicroGrants CEO Don Samuels says the willingness to "not know" is the first requirement in transforming the world.

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