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Why I’m Teaching a Class on Political Dialogue When No One Wants to Talk to Each Other

"Red State Christians" author Angela Denker explains why she's hopeful about the future of political discourse in America.


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Will the ELCA be Gone in 30 Years?

New projections forecast just 16,000 in worship across the entire ELCA by 2041. Why is this happening and what can be done?

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Blue State Christians

Find out the one question that makes "Red State Christians" author Angela Denker's blood boil...and why it does.
The Power of the 'Don't Know' Mindset

The Power of the ‘Don’t Know’ Mindset

Find out why MicroGrants CEO Don Samuels says the willingness to "not know" is the first requirement in transforming the world.
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What to Say When People Say “That’s Too Political”

Angela Denker, author of "Red State Christians," explains how she's learned to discuss politics without being partisan.
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Three Ways the Church Can Separate National Pride and Christian Identity

Angela Denker, the author of "Red State Christians," offers some concrete suggestions for addressing issues around Christianity and nationalism.
The Year in Review: Our Top Twelve Stories of 2019

The Year in Review: Our Top Twelve Stories of 2019

2019 was filled with great stories at Luther Faith+Lead--take a look back and enjoy twelve of our most popular.
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Breakthrough Spiritual Practice: Borrow a Tool

Practice being vulnerable with your neighbors by allowing them to serve you.
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The Heart of Why People Give

A stewardship pledge is about more than just paying the pastor's salary or the church's electric bill. It's about your spiritual health and survival.
Noticing. Naming. New Noticing.

Noticing. Naming. New Noticing.

Talking together about where we see God’s presence makes us more likely to see God showing up the next time.
Christmas village

Christmas Was Not Always Like This (Part One: The Beginnings of Christmas)

The story of how Christmas has been celebrated in Christian history contains surprises for most of us. Read the first of our three-part series on the history of Christmas.

How to Host an Intergenerational Art Event at Your Church

This breakthrough practice is for anyone in your neighborhood to come together and share an experience around art.
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The Ancient Art of Thanking

Robert Hay, Jr. looks at the underestimated value of giving thanks to your church members, and how an old-fashioned hand-written note can build a stronger, more authentic relationship.
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Watch Mary Hess’ Boston College Presentation: “Finding Faith in the Maelstrom – Storytelling as a Source of Hope”

"We know who we are in relation to God in large measure by the stories we share."
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Cultivating God’s Expansive Generosity (Part One)

In part one of a two-part series, Pastor Larry Strenge shares the first of three mindset shifts he sees as being necessary for cultivating generosity.
little league baseball game

How to Make Going to a Baseball Game a Meaningful Spiritual Practice

This breakthrough practice helps you build community, show support for your neighbors, and experience God’s presence in daily life.
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Immigration and Christianity: Walls, Exiles, and Migration

Immigration is a top-of-mind issue in the U.S. and around the globe. What effect does it have on our faith lives? And in what ways are immigration issues addressed in the Bible? Learn more.

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