Christian communities need to be centers of deep listening, where God's presence is named and life-giving relationships are formed across all dimensions of diversity, both within and beyond the church.



The world is changing. 

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trail running

Virtually Run the Race Together

A virtual marathon can bring a church together while apart

Innovative Leader Profile: Heather Evans

A pastor reaching beyond the walls of the church

Capitalizing on Your Partnerships

What space could you open to other organizations
What We're Hearing from the Church

What We’re Hearing from the Church

What do leaders need to know, or know how to do, to be faithful and effective in a rapidly changing world?
pride flag

I Am: Why My Congregation Celebrated National Coming Out Day

Speaking truth changed the life of this pastor
dog walk

Addressing Isolation in Ministry (Learning from the Lab)

How leaders are adapting to reach out

Storytelling Around Tables as an Antiracist Act

Sharing a meal as ministry
church roof

The Welcome of the White Church

A call to action for racial justice
Team members

Does a Practically Perfect Pandemic Partnership Exist?

A guide to working together in ministry
Washington DC

The Church’s Call During a Global Pandemic in an Election Year

Insight to lead through the divisive mix of politics and religion
happy face

I’ve Been Honored (Learning from the Lab)

Churches have found creative ways to honor pastors

What Could Your Congregation Learn from Ministry on a Multi-Faith College Campus?

Make commitments and watch cross-cultural understanding grow
couple sunset

What I’m Reading Now: Blessed Are the Nones

A resource for interfaith marriages
Anti Racist Trust Team

How to Build an Anti-Racist Trust Team

A tool for finding support and accountability in anti-racism work.
toddler on couch

Looking Out for the Littles: 4 Ways Churches Can Care For the Preschool-and-Under Set During the Pandemic

Simple ways to build faith and support parents with young children

Finding Abundance in the Badlands: Collaboration in Worship and Community

How can churches overcome technology limits

Who We Are Matters to Our Ministry

Identity matters for the pastor and each person in church
photo of friends

Can a Church Leader Be a Good Friend?

Challenges to forming friendships with the demands of ministry
friends talking

Deepen Humility and Compassion with the IDI

Develop practices that are cross-culturally responsive
tea and journals

Ten Ways to Be a Lifesaving Church During this Pandemic

Churches can help those experiencing mental health struggles

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