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Stewarding Congregational Wellness

While our instinct for stewarding wellness tends to be for individuals, it should also apply to the congregation as a whole. Learn how to gauge your congregation's health and the actions you can take to improve it.


What's Really Causing Church Decline...and What We Can Do About It

What’s Really Causing Church Decline…and What We Can Do About It

How can we renew the church's identity and help in join God's work in the 21st century?

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Christmas Was Not Always Like This (Part One: The Beginnings of Christmas)

The story of how Christmas has been celebrated in Christian history contains surprises for most of us. Read the first of our 3-part series on the history of Christmas.

How to Host an Intergenerational Art Event at Your Church

This breakthrough practice is for anyone in your neighborhood to come together and share an experience around art.
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Learning to Listen – See Faithful Innovation in Action

Training from Luther Seminary introduced faithful innovation concepts to two Wisconsin churches. Watch their story and learn more.
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The Ancient Art of Thanking

Robert Hay, Jr. looks at the underestimated value of giving thanks to your church members, and how an old-fashioned hand-written note can build a stronger, more authentic relationship.
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Lessons in Innovation from the Old Testament

Cameron Howard points to the Old Testament as a valuable resource for understanding times of change and the need for innovation.
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Cultivating God’s Expansive Generosity (Part Two)

How do you turn generosity from a thought into a behavior? In part two of his look at generosity as discipleship, Larry Strenge examines the second and third shifts in mindset he feels are needed.
Philip, Ethiopian Eunuch, You and Me (Part Two)

Philip, Ethiopian Eunuch, You and Me (Part Two)

Read part two of Rev. Dr. Stephanie Spellers inspirational, insightful, and winding journey of faith.
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Cultivating God’s Expansive Generosity (Part One)

In part one of a two-part series, Pastor Larry Strenge shares the first of three mindset shifts he sees as being necessary for cultivating generosity.
Philip, Ethiopian Eunuch, You and Me (Part One)

Philip, Ethiopian Eunuch, You and Me (Part One)

For the Ethiopian eunuch, the Holy Spirit sent Philip. For Reverend Canon Dr. Stephanie Spellers, it was Lutherans. Learn more about her inspiring journey to Christianity.
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Forgive Us Our Debt (Part Two)

Does Good Debt = Good People? Read part two of Katherine Shaner's look at the difference God's grace can make in the way we think about our money and our debts.

People Want to Tell Their Stories

James Hazelwood, author of "Everyday Spirituality," reflects on the amazing response he received when he asked people to share their stories of spirituality.
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Immigration and Christianity: Walls, Exiles, and Migration

Immigration is a top-of-mind issue in the U.S. and around the globe. What effect does it have on our faith lives? And in what ways are immigration issues addressed in the Bible? Learn more.
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Forgive Us Our Debt (Part One)

Do our theologies suggest that balance sheets can never be the mark of our virtue, or even our value, within God’s economy?
How to Discern God's Presence from a Lawn Chair

How to Discern God’s Presence from a Lawn Chair

This breakthrough practice helps you discern where the Holy Spirit is at work in your neighborhood--just by sitting and observing.
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New Research on the Economic Practices of Congregations

A new Study on Congregations' Economic Practices is being called "the largest and most comprehensive nationally representative study on money and congregations in over a generation." 

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