Leaders and congregations need a Christ-centered identity, embodied in a life of discipleship and nourished through spiritual formation.


Promising Innovation: Discovering a Christian Way of Life

Church leaders are called to help people engage spiritual practices
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The world is changing. 

Stay up to date on the latest research, resources, and reflections exploring how to cultivate Christian faith in the 21st century. 


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What Virtual Worship Is Feeding Your Spirit? (Learning from the Lab)

Nourish your soul with these recommendations
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Fitness for Ministry Reconsidered

An investment in our health can also be one for community
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How Can We Tell Stories of Faith in a Secular Age? Join Our Learning Community!

God is active in our people's lives. Let's help them notice it.

Spiritual Direction vs. Therapy: What Is the Difference?

Therapy, spiritual direction, and confession are gifts

The Spirit Speaks in Verse: Poetry as a Blessing to Ministry

The experience of poetry can transform ministry
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Responding to God’s Work: Congregational Discipleship

Congregations can respond to the way God grows disciples
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Tending to Communal Trauma Through Spiritual Practices

A key to leadership health is tending to trauma
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What I’m Reading Now: When the Heart Waits

A book for those full of questions
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Seeking God in the Face of Disaster

When faced with disaster, resist giving in to fear.
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What I’m Listening To: “Another Name for Everything”

A reader recommends a podcast that is bringing healing.
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Sources for Ecotheology

Creation care takes on new meaning now.
Woman on beach at sunset

COVID-19 Stages of Grief

Every type of loss requires grieving.
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5 Practices to Encourage Congregations in Faithful Innovation

Ancient spiritual practices meet cutting-edge innovation.
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Leading With Vulnerability

Empower others to be authentic
Accompanying Young Adults in Liminal Spaces

Accompanying Young Adults in Liminal Spaces

Churches can be there for young adults going through change in challenging times.
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Singing Together, While Apart

There are many options to continue singing safely.
Couplehood in the Time of Pandemic

Couplehood in the Time of Pandemic

There are options to faithfully navigate relationships.

Preaching about Racism in America: What Comes Next?

We can persist in preaching for transformation.
two people looking at a phone

Simultaneously Online and Offline: Church as Hybrid Experience

Church leaders can bring online and offline community together.

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