Leaders and congregations need intercultural competency to connect with neighbors across all dimensions of diversity.


Keep Feeding People During the Pandemic

Now is the time to redesign food ministries to serve our neighbors.
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carpenter's tools

Breakthrough Spiritual Practice: Borrow a Tool

Practice being vulnerable with your neighbors by allowing them to serve you.

How to Host an Intergenerational Art Event at Your Church

This breakthrough practice is for anyone in your neighborhood to come together and share an experience around art.
dinner with a neighbor

Breakthrough Practice: Eat With Your Neighbor

This breakthrough practice helps you deepen friendships with your neighbors by sharing a meal together.
Philip, Ethiopian Eunuch, You and Me (Part Two)

Philip, Ethiopian Eunuch, You and Me (Part Two)

Read part two of Rev. Dr. Stephanie Spellers inspirational, insightful, and winding journey of faith.
little league baseball game

How to Make Going to a Baseball Game a Meaningful Spiritual Practice

This breakthrough practice helps you build community, show support for your neighbors, and experience God’s presence in daily life.
Philip, Ethiopian Eunuch, You and Me (Part One)

Philip, Ethiopian Eunuch, You and Me (Part One)

For the Ethiopian eunuch, the Holy Spirit sent Philip. For Reverend Canon Dr. Stephanie Spellers, it was Lutherans. Learn more about her inspiring journey to Christianity.
mountainside cross

Immigration and Christianity: Walls, Exiles, and Migration

Immigration is a top-of-mind issue in the U.S. and around the globe. What effect does it have on our faith lives? And in what ways are immigration issues addressed in the Bible? Learn more.
Spiritual stories

How to Listen to Spiritual Stories from People Outside Your Congregation

This breakthrough practice helps you deepen relationships with your neighbors by listening to their spiritual stories.

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