Leaders and congregations need intercultural competency to connect with neighbors across all dimensions of diversity.

Friends on balcony

The Practice of Unfreezing

Break the ice with embodied conversations about race.
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The world is changing. 

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Pentecostal Protest

Amid barriers, imagine a nation unified by the Spirit
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What I’m Referencing Now: Scaffolding Anti-Racism Resources

Learn about this list of anti-racism resources
people on a train

How To Advocate for Our Immigrant and Refugee Neighbors Now

Listen to and show up for immigrant and refugee neighbors
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What I’m Listening To Now: “Seeing White” series on podcast Scene on Radio

A recommendation from Luther Seminary's campus pastor
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Who I Am Following Now On Social Media: Austin Channing Brown

Listen and learn from Austin Channing Brown
The Coronavirus is Changing the Way We Do Ministry with LGBTQ People

The Coronavirus is Changing the Way We Do Ministry with LGBTQ People

Listen and learn to serve your LGBTQ community.
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What I’m Reading Now: Resources for Racial Justice and Commemoration of the Emanuel 9

A resource to remember and advocate for racial justice.
people gathering in the street

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

The Holy Spirit calls us to listen, understand, and go out.
Man sitting on a hill with sunset

Who I Am Listening to Now: 5 Sermons from Black Preachers this Week

Listen and learn from these black preachers.

Keep Feeding People During the Pandemic

Now is the time to redesign food ministries to serve our neighbors.
Grayscale photo showing metal laundromat carts at the center and machines on the side. A figure is in soft focus in the back carrying a basket.

Pray at the Laundromat

Make meaningful connections in your community by showing up at the laundromat in a surprising way.
Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday and National Repentance

"Red State Christians" author Angela Denker considers Ash Wednesday through the lens of national uncertainty, Ezra, Nehemiah...and the 400-meter dash.
man praying

Why Celebrate Black History in Church?

Leon Rodrigues, director for diversity, equity, and inclusion at Luther Seminary, explains why Black history is an integral part of our shared American history, worthy of being celebrated.
battle amidst flames

Why I’m Teaching a Class on Political Dialogue When No One Wants to Talk to Each Other

"Red State Christians" author Angela Denker explains why she's hopeful about the future of political discourse in America.
statue of liberty

Blue State Christians

Find out the one question that makes "Red State Christians" author Angela Denker's blood boil...and why it does.
The Power of the 'Don't Know' Mindset

The Power of the ‘Don’t Know’ Mindset

Find out why MicroGrants CEO Don Samuels says the willingness to "not know" is the first requirement in transforming the world.
man holding newspaper on fire

What to Say When People Say “That’s Too Political”

Angela Denker, author of "Red State Christians," explains how she's learned to discuss politics without being partisan.
USA flags

Three Ways the Church Can Separate National Pride and Christian Identity

Angela Denker, the author of "Red State Christians," offers some concrete suggestions for addressing issues around Christianity and nationalism.
The Year in Review: Our Top Twelve Stories of 2019

The Year in Review: Our Top Twelve Stories of 2019

2019 was filled with great stories at Luther Faith+Lead--take a look back and enjoy twelve of our most popular.
carpenter's tools

Breakthrough Spiritual Practice: Borrow a Tool

Practice being vulnerable with your neighbors by allowing them to serve you.

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