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Economic Challenges Facing Pastoral Leaders

For the last decade, The Lilly Endowment has been offering grants to a broad collection of Christian seminaries, church bodies,
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Personal Finance and the Church (Part 2)

Many of us may have been convinced by Pastor Greg Meyer’s convictions about the role of the church in personal
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Personal Finance and the Church (Part 1)

Personal Finance and the Church (Part 1)

In the church, we have long assumed that personal finance is a skill acquired elsewhere. Like we expect people to
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Defining the ‘Faith’ in Faith-Based Organizations

In his new book, God’s Internationalists: World Vision and the Age of Evangelical Humanitarianism, David P. King takes a case-in-point
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A New Digital Home for Stewardship

In case you missed it, in the previous post, Adam Copeland shared that he's moving on from the Center for
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Being Good Stewards of Time

Adam Walker Cleaveland on the stewardship of summertime.
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The Range of Changes

Stewardship guru Keith Mundy reflects on some shifts he’s seen in recent years and what they mean for our ministry leadership.
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An Empty Offering Plate

Laura Wilhelm describes how her congregation’s context developed a local practice of having practically empty offering plates.
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