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Jul. 09, 2019

The Range of Changes

Stewardship guru Keith Mundy reflects on some shifts he’s seen in recent years and what they mean for our ministry leadership.
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Jun. 25, 2019

An Empty Offering Plate

Laura Wilhelm describes how her congregation’s context developed a local practice of having practically empty offering plates.
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Jun. 11, 2019

Keep it Simple

Beyond faith communities, the second most popular place for charitable giving is colleges and universities. Given that fact, this week I’ve invited a college friend of mine, Matt Fedde, to share his wisdom for our audience from his expertise working in digital giving at St. Olaf College. Most of his advice will translate easily to churches, though perhaps not all.
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Jun. 04, 2019

Giving Alone

Many assumptions accompany the way we do church. Some of these theological and cultural assumptions are helpful to tie us together. Others can push us apart. Further complicating things, they’re assumptions we’re often not even aware of in the first place. In today’s post, Grace Duddy Pomroy writes about an assumption many church leaders make about “giving units.” Or, more
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May. 31, 2019

Raising Stewards

Include stewardship as part of the “must-learns” for young people in your congregation.
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May. 28, 2019

Winner-Takes-All? Gaming Church Structures

While we seek another way, the mindset of our culture is obsessed with winning and losing. Someone’s going to end up on top. Another party is defeated. Survival of the fittest. Yet, Christians seek another way, even when it’s so very hard. In today’s post, Robert Walker calls us to a new way of imagining stewardship. He includes a great
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May. 21, 2019

Gratitude & Grace

There are many G-words in the English-speaking church world; God, Good, Glory, Giving. But in the work of stewardship and congregation maintenance, peering closely at budgets and the results of giving campaigns, squinting at the numbers can obscure the big “G”s of Grace and Gratitude. This week, Sean Mitchell explains the importance of gratitude strategies from his years of experience
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May. 13, 2019

Unwrapping the Annual Campaign

The annual stewardship appeal ripples through many congregations in the fall, but the planning should begin much earlier. In today’s post, my colleague Catherine Malotky shares some of her congregation’s takeaways from last year’s campaign. It’s not too early — in fact, it’s the perfect time now — to start thinking about your approach to stewardship this fall. Yours truly,
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May. 07, 2019

No More Junk Mail

Stewardship ministry is about big, conceptual, theological challenges. And, it’s also be about smaller, tactical, practical choices. In today’s newsletter I consider how quarterly giving statements might function as inspiration, and not just another piece of junk mail. Yours truly, Adam J. Copeland, Center for Stewardship Leaders  It took a few months, but I finally figured out what makes mailings
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Apr. 30, 2019

Together For Good

As we tumble into the Easter season, we remember stories about how the disciples first banded together to relish and share news of the Resurrection, and can examine room for collaboration in our own ministry contexts. Individualism and even social media can reinforce the idea that we’re telling stories independently from each other, but sharing the Gospel and extending services remind us