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Nov. 19, 2007

The Pastoral Stewardship Letter

This is an example of a stewardship letter sent by two pastors to congregation members.  The letter includes prayer, biblical reflection, thanksgiving, personal testimony, a bold ask and information about how to make a commitment. The Pastoral Stewardship Letter Dear Glenn and Rebecca, We dare to pray this prayer with the belief that this is God’s hope for each of
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Aug. 06, 2007

Edythe’s Gifts: Three Stewardship Skits

Have you ever found a gift that was so perfect for someone that you couldn’t wait to give it to them? Now contrast that with a gift you’ve given out of a sense of obligation. It’s a little like what a woman named Edythe experiences in the stewardship skits that follow. Each year, as she considers her annual pledge to
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Oct. 12, 2004

A Liturgy for God’s Word

Here is a litany to be used when pledges are being received during worship.     A Liturgy for God’s Word Includes the reception of pledge cards Exhortation P. The Lord God in his goodness has seen fit to call us together as the Church of Jesus Christ in this place. In our history of being God’s people of the
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Nov. 14, 2002

Fifteen Stewardship Songs

Glenn Evavold gifts the church with stewardship songs. Below are the texts to these songs.  Contact Glenn Evavold for more information on the songs and permission to use them.   EMAIL: SONG TITLES: GIVING TO GOD FAITHFUL STWEARDSHIP GOD KNOWS THE MUSIC OF OUR HEARTS GIVE TILL IT FEELS GOOD WALK THE WALK, TALK THE TALK WHERE MY HEART
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Aug. 23, 2002

Offertory Prayers

Prayers to be used during the offertory each week. Sample offertory prayers for September 2002 Sept. 1, 2002 Blessed God, you have called us to contribute to the needs of the saints and to extend hospitality to strangers. Hallow these gifts that they may be a blessing to many in your name. Amen. Sept. 8, 2002 O God, we confess
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Apr. 10, 2002

Preaching Themes for Stewardship

Ramp provides a compilation of stewardship preaching themes of his own as well as from other sources. You Belong to God A. God has a double claim on us. We belong to God in two ways: God created us (in His image) and we have been bought with a price (1 Cor. 6:19). Therefore, God has a double claim upon
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Apr. 10, 2002

God’s Plan, Our Future, Our Hope

God has a plan for us. We have to face the future with hope. A sermon for All Saints Day 1999. God’s Plan, Our Future, Our Hope Dear friends in Christ, grace and peace. Amen. Three boys were talking about their dads and what they did for a living. The first boy says, “My dad writes a few things on