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De-Centering Whiteness

Faith+Lead’s Resources for Anti-Racism Work
by Faith+Lead | February 18, 2022

difficult conversations

Like many difficult conversations, talking about racism and the way it impacts our churches and communities cannot be a one-time event. Anti-racism work is an on-going process, but how do we make sure we are not staying on “beginner” steps or re-hashing the same level of conversation each time? Faith+Lead has a growing collection of resources to support your process. 


Call to Action

The Practice of Un-Freezing

A Storytelling Practice

Deeper Work:

Intercultural Development Inventory

Form an Anti-Racist Trust Team workbook – free downloadable e-book

Nested, Leveled Resources – recommendation of external link

For Ongoing Conversation at All Levels:

Why Persist? 

Avoiding Tokenism

Dismantling Anti-Asian Racism

The Leader’s Identity 

Stewardship of White Privilege

Examining Reparations

Inequity in Fundraising and Stewardship
What are your go–to resources for anti-racism work? Share them with colleagues in the Faith+Lead Learning Lab.

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