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Connect with God


Tell the Story


Cultivate Community


Practice Justice


Shift Ministry Models

Develop a Christ-centered identity, grounded in theology, scripture, and spiritual practice, that empowers community members to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in everyday life.

Tell the story of Jesus and invite others into Jesus' way of life and love in words your neighbors can recognize.

Become centers of deep listening, where God's presence is named and life-giving relationships are formed across all dimensions of diversity, both within and beyond the church.

Through mutual relationships with neighbors, join in acts of compassion, justice and reconciliation as a witness to the ministry of Jesus—particularly in places of suffering and despair.

Harness skills of agile leadership, stewardship, entrepreneurism, and management to be nimble enough to respond to a changing cultural landscape.

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Why Learn with Faith+Lead Academy?

Theologically Sound

Operating within a framework of generous orthodoxy that is both faithful and robust, Faith+Lead Academy brings you learning experiences that are rooted in the theological treasures of the Christian tradition.


All our learning experiences employ three basic practices: listen, act, share to help you not only grasp the material intellectually, but put it into practice personally and communally with the Christian communities you lead.


We believe that change happens best together. That's why our learning experiences are delivered in the Faith+Lead Lab—a private social network where you can form meaningful relationships with colleagues and peers.