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Questions and Answers

from Faith+Leaders like you...
What is the core challenge facing the church in the 21st century?

It begins with naming the reality that the church in our North American context is in a deep theological crisis.

What do Christian leaders need to know, or know how to do, to be faithful and effective today?

Read how hundreds of North American Christian leaders, gathered through intentional listening and other research initiatives, answered this question.

Why should we bother with faithful innovation?

As innovation becomes a buzzword, it's easy for church leaders to reduce it to a trend. But how might it play a powerful role in renewal?

How can we grapple faithfully with church decline?

New projections forecast sharp declines in North American Christianity. Why is this happening and what can be done?

How can I shift my congregation's giving practices?

Stewardship goes beyond congregational giving to the household and society. Explore the latest thought leadership.

What metrics besides "butts and bucks" can we use to reimagine success in ministry?

The metrics we use to define congregational success were made for another time and context. Try these instead.

What are biblical models of faithful innovation?

The Old Testament is a valuable resource for understanding times of change and the need for innovation.