2017 in Review: Top Stewardship Posts

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I’ve never been great at popularity contests, but this is one in which I’m happy to take part. You may remember that about two years ago, we revamped our stewardship website to make posts more readable, sharable, and searchable. Well, today’s post includes our top ten most popular articles (in terms of website hits) from the past two years.

We’ll be off next week, so this serves as our final post of the year. Many blessings on all you steward, and keep on the lookout for a great new stewardship newsletter series to start off 2018.

Yours truly,

Adam Copeland

Center for Stewardship Leaders

2017 in Review: Top Stewardship Posts

In honor of the final days of 2017, we bring you a special edition Year (or two) in Review! Below you will find practical tidbits on everything from preaching about stewardship to crowdfunding and digital giving.

You might collect nuggets of wisdom for working with and assembling finance committees or personal and congregational financial management. You’ll be invited to wrestle with hard, good questions about white privilege and consider a fresh perspective on stewardship from a lens of foster care. And, we hope you will draw inspiration for engaging your own questions about stewardship in a church that is always emerging and ever being reformed.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Top 10 Most Popular Stewardship Posts

  1. The Top 10 Mistakes I’ve Made with Money in Ministry – Part 1 by Ryan Baer
  2. Crowdfunding Your Congregation by Adam Copeland
  3. What does the Reformation have to do with Stewardship? by Lisa Ahlness
  4. Adam Hamilton on Preaching Stewardship by Adam Copeland
  5. The Top 10 Mistakes I’ve Made with Money in Ministry – Part 2 by Ryan Baer
  6. Why Pastors Need the Finance Committee — and Vice Versa by Angela Denker
  7. Why Give? Because Jesus Gave Us Work To Do by Katie Hayes
  8. The Stewardship of White Privilege by Tom Fiebiger
  9. iPad Giving Stations: Increase Your Congregation’s Engagement in Giving by Durk K. Peterson
  10. Fostering Stewardship by Andy Nelson

For More Information

Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising: Luther Seminary, in partnership with the Lake Institute on Faith and Giving, is hosting a four-day intensive course, May 7-10, 2018. For more information visit: Lake Institute

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